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Whangarei Flying Club

      Making flying fun
           .. and affordable!
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A Trial Flight is less expensive than you may think. It will give you a very good impression of what it is all about. It not only gives you a mind blowing aircraft time, you will also be offered the chance of flying the aircraft yourself!

A Trial Flight Voucher is a great gifts for your family or friends, or for that person in your life that thinks it has everything already!

A Trial Flight costs $180 and includes:
  • Membership of the Club for the day.
  • Supervised pre-flight inspection.
  • Safety briefing.
  • You get to take controls of the aircraft under supervision by your instructor. 
  • Flight experience takes approximately an hour, leaving and returning out of Whangarei airport .
If you would like to take a trial flight, or perhaps a interested in a gift voucher? You can: 
  • Click here to obtain an electronic voucher or,... 

  • Call in to the clubrooms at the airport (at Gate 4, Hangar 10) and take a flight and pay on the day, or pick up a voucher.

  • or, email us at

  • or, call Nigel on 021-762.077 and we can arrange a voucher for you.